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Meat ripening

Proper aging is no less important for meat than for wine. In the process of maturation, the natural properties of beef change over time: its fibers become softer, and the taste and aroma are noticeably enhanced. This is a completely natural process that occurs due to the natural enzymes found in meat. The advantage of "ripened" beef is that it is better absorbed by the human body.

In the restaurant El Gaucho, meat is ripened in specially equipped chambers. Each of them has a wall made of Himalayan salt, which not only absorbs excess moisture, but also helps to clean the air. The meat ripens from 14 to 120 days (depending on the cut) at a temperature of 0 to +2 degrees and air humidity of 80%. In the process, it loses up to 25% of the mass due to evaporation of moisture, and the resulting crust is completely cleaned.

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